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 Amphiprion ocellaris: Clownfish

            also known as Common Clownfish, False percula, A. ocellaris, True percula (incorrect), and, of course, Nemo.

  • We believe that bringing the wonders of ocean life to dry land, via saltwater aquaria, for all to view, will do more to preserve those natural wonders than anything else.  We believe that the reefs from which we derive our education and inspiration need not be harmed in any way to do it.

  • Putting slices of the ocean in every home, school, and place of business will fascinate, educate and delight all who view them, encourage respect for the wonders of nature, and engender the desire to protect the natural reefs.  After all, people don’t protect what they haven't experienced.

  • Captive breeding of marine ornamental fish and invertebrates allows people to see them, even if they are far from the ocean, while allowing the native reef inhabitants to remain in nature.
  • We believe that offering the finest, healthiest, most beautiful clownfish and other marine ornamentals will increase customer interest in everything offered for sale in your store, and will increase profits for you.

  • We are clownfish breeders raising A. ocellaris clownfish in our home in St. Louis, MO.  We have been selling these fish to local saltwater aquarium stores for the past few of years. 

  • We only have clownfish that are healthy, active, vibrantly colored, and utterly charming for sale.  We grow our fish to at least 1.25 inches in length to assure that they are ready for your customers' aquaria.

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