Posted on April 1, 2012 at 3:00 PM

We were listening to the radio this morning on our way to church and a guy was talking about kindness, a topic near and dear to our heart. He noticed that whenever he was driving around looking for a particular place, his GPS would guide him.  If he made a mistake, or in other words, failed to follow the instructions, or messed up in any way, his GPS would never get angry with him, it wouldn't yell, or throw a tantrum.  It would simply say, "Recalculating...".  :)

We've been doing this fish breeding business for many years, and have been reasonably successful at it.  Like all things, changes happen; the economy gets bad, the economy gets good, competition arises in a normally non-competitive field, day jobs come, day jobs go.  Enthusiasm for various projects waxes and wanes for both good and bad reasons.  On our path to being better fish breeders and better business people, and better, kinder people in total, we sometimes take a wrong turn, or decide to go another way, but it's nothing to get excited about.  We are just "Recalculating!"

We've decided that Recalculating is a good title for this part of the blog, where we can describe some of the changes, departures, and adventures that are not about a specific species of fish.  We hope you enjoy reading!

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