What people have said about Kathy's Clowns!

Quotes I tell you what, I could buy clownfish cheaper from (some other place), and I have, but those fish don't do well, I lose so many of them, and yours (Kathy's Clowns) don't die on me. I sell every one! Quotes
Missouri Store Owner

Quotes Kathy's Clowns are the best selling fish in the store! They are so hardy that I can sell them to people who have just finished cycling their aquariums, and they do just fine. The color is great, and people love them. I can buy clownfish a lot cheaper from overseas, but when you consider shipping, bad color, and how many of the cheap fish die, Kathy's Clowns are really cost effective. Quotes
St. Louis Live Fish Store Owner

Quotes Yours (Kathy's) are the best fish I have in the store! I mean that! Quotes
Illinois Store Owner

Quotes Yours (Kathy's) are the best looking clownfish I've ever seen! Quotes
Fellow Fish Breeder

Quotes Fish are beautiful. Good color, good size. They look like they will hold up well. Thanks, and look forward to doing this again! Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Let me say, as one of Kathy's recipients, she does the nicest packing job I have ever seen. ..., the box showed up after nearly 12 hours in transit still warm, with the fish in absolutely no distress-I have bought fish from (a local source) 5 minutes away that looked worse. Her fish are beautiful, fat, and happy. I'd recommend them highly--any store that bought them would do well and could get a good price for them, because they put the puny wild-caught fishes to shame. Quotes
Reef Aquarium Expert

Quotes "So I was at (a store that sells Kathy's Clowns) the other day..one of the guys who works there happened to mention that he doesn't think they've lost a single one of your (Kathy's Clowns) clownfish and that was very impressive in his book. ...but I'll tell you, another area shop has a tank full of (some other) ocellaris as well, and yours (Kathy's Clowns) blow theirs out of the water from a coloration standpoint." Quotes
Fellow Fish Breeder

Quotes The clownfish are vibrant and colorful. Again, thank you for selling a quality product. Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes WOW. The misbar looks awesome! Everything looks awesome! The fish are swimming around happily. Thanks for the wonderful order. Quotes
Happy Customer