Why buy Kathy's Clowns?

Which fish would you prefer?

The pictures above were taken at one of Kathy's customers' stores. We were browsing one day and noticed a tank containing clownfish from some other place right next to a tank full of Kathy's orange A. ocellaris clownfish.  These pictures were taken with the same camera, flash, settings, etc, and were cropped, but not otherwise altered.

We think that offering your customers really good looking clownfish will increase revenues for you!  Most hobbyists want a pair of clownfish in each of their saltwater tanks.  Amphiprion ocellaris clownfish are the most widely purchased saltwater fish, and for very good reasons.  They are 

    • attractively colorful against the coraline algae colors of live rock, 
    • remarkably hardy, these fish are survivors!
    • remarkably healthy, having never been exposed to wild pathogens
    • non-aggressive, they get along with most other fish in your tank,
    • and fun to watch.  

    Kathy's Clownfish are always out swimming around, not hiding, and will come to the glass at feeding time.  They are fun to own!  Kathy's Clowns offers clownfish that are a beautiful orange color, not the yellow-ish brown, frequently found elsewhere. 
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